Environmental Due Diligence, EDD in Croatia and members of European Union, EU

Environmental Due Diligence – EDD

Environmental Due Diligence EDD – Detailed analysis of the company, in-depth recording of the company (German: EDD-Umweltprüfung)

is a very important key step in the process of buying a company. It envolves evaluating the contract from a commercial, financial and legal point of view. We conduct actions in an interdisciplinary manner with the aim of better insight into various aspects of the company’s operations before its sale/acquisition in order to avoid uncertain situations and possible court disputes.
The procedure is useful for both the buyer and the seller of the company. It enables the seller to get to know the condition of the company he is selling, to be able to set a clear sale price, and to prevent possible legal disputes and disagreements in a way that provides a really clear insight into the condition of the real estate, which in relation to the state of the company the buyer could present at the negotiating table. On the other hand, it allows the buyer of shares to create his own assessment of the state and value of the company and make a decision on the purchase. The investor must independently investigate and confirm the information to ensure that the seller has not intentionally or unintentionally misinformed him.

Unrecognized liabilities

In today’s serious business, it is increasingly important to perform projects of detailed analysis of the state of the company’s environment – Environmental Due Diligence (EDD). The obligations of legal entities in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act are large, and there are many examples where, after purchasing a company, and without a Due Diligence project, buyers were additionally forced to allocate very high amounts of unforeseen costs. Unacknowledged liabilities related to land or groundwater pollution will become costs borne by buyers and lenders, and in addition, fines for the responsible directors who led the company’s purchase projects. In-depth recording and detailed analysis of the company is based on the assumptions of the existing assessment in environmental protection obligations and can provide useful information and save large amounts of money.

Advantages and benefits for our clients:

Knowledge and interpretation of the Environmental Protection Act includes commercial projects in land transactions, implementation of the obligation to identify and quantify soil and groundwater pollution in environmental protection, realization of the maximum land value of real estate.

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) Services

As a company that focuses on environmental risk assessment and management, LifeLock d.o.o. advises clients on how to manage specific locations or asset portfolios. We support buyers, sellers, investors and lenders with clear and relevant advice.

We carry out our Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) activities in a few steps:

  • 1A Phase: Off-site testing

we carry out data checks for you, databases of polluted location registers, land maps / photos, flood maps, earthquake maps, geological and hydrological facts, historical land use, and other information about buildings / facilities / land.

  • 1B Phase: On-site testing at the field

we conduct an on-site investigation, with former owners, operators, employees and managers, as well as an evaluation of documentation, approvals, work permits and licenses. Our tests include production processes, waste management and disposal, processes for discharging fecal and technological water and general water management, as well as heating systems, emissions and immissions, management of the handling of chemicals and hazardous substances, and identification of hazardous building materials.

  • 2nd Phase: Detailed On-site tests

based on the key problem indicators obtained from the Phase I analysis, our field investigations include more detailed analyses, such as soil sampling from soil drilling, groundwater monitoring and the establishment of control points, sampling (sampling) and laboratory analyzes of soil, soil gas, groundwater and hazardous construction material.

  • 3rd Phase: Research of the right approach and corrective actions

at this phase we define and characterize the degree of risk to the environment in soil, water or hazardous construction material determined in phase II of this project. At this stage, our experts create rehabilitation projects and alternatives with cost estimates for clients.

  • 4th Phase: Reports of phase I – phase III activities

through all three phases we provide complete reports with a description of the location and assessments, documentation and evaluation of findings, cost estimates and recommendations.

  • 5th Phase: Remediation with verifications and validations

in order to speed up the process of land remediation, to use the knowledge of our experts in environmental protection and to reduce the costs of assessment and remediation, we will carry out a complete remediation that meets your needs in the shortest possible time, so that you can operate without losses due to the cold operation of the real estate itself.

Our reports are widely accepted and highly rated in the business and legal world.

We also provide customized service packages to support the specific needs of our clients.

Take advantage of a professional partnership – we know the legal and market requirements well and we are an internationally recognized company for in-depth environmental analyzes with numerous successfully achieved results and enormous amounts of money saved for our clients.

Realize business advantages!

Ensure investments by eliminating risks through Environmental Due Diligence (EDD).